The WoundZoom is a digital, non-contact wound documentation camera system designed to make a clinician's daily workflow easier through a simple and straightforward user interface. 

WoundZoom is Fast.

In under a minute a clinician can get an exact area, length and width. Optionally, the clinician can take additional documentation photos with comments and input more data to complete a thorough assessment.



WoundZoom is non-contact.

Traditional measurement techniques are not only inaccurate and time consuming but they can be invasive and actually counteract the healing process. WoundZoom's device was designed with this in mind. Laser projections and advanced algorithms allow the device to correct for distance and skew. This makes it easier to properly document and measure wounds in hard to reach places, improving patient comfort.

WoundZoom is accurate. 

Developed at Georgia Tech by Dr. Stephen Sprigle, WoundZoom has been rigorously tested for accuracy, reliability, and repeatability. The device was designed to remove the subjectivity from wound measurement but still allow the clinician to define the wound border. In addition to accurate measurements and photographs, WoundZoom captures a record of the exact border defined.

Other features:

  • PDF assessment reports are generated directly on the device. No additional software is required.
  • PDFs or JPGs can be easily added to a patient's existing Electronic Health Record.
  • WoundZoom is sealed and protected so it can be wiped for infection control.
  • Stylus is held magnetically in place to prevent it from being misplaced.

If you would like more information about the WoundZoom or have any questions please feel free to call, email or contact us to schedule a free online demonstration for you and your facility.