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Tom Whelan has dedicated his career to advancing assistive technology and improving the quality of life for people with disabilities. Tom began his career as a Rehab Technology Supplier (RTS) in Toledo, Ohio. After 4 years as an RTS, Tom moved to the manufacturing side of the industry with German-based Meyra where he developed their first powerbase for the US market. He then returned to service delivery, launching Functional Rehab Equipment. Through an allied health model, Functional educated providers raising their expectations for rehab technology. In meeting those expectations, Functional enhanced care and professionalism and became a respected partner. This led to the sale of Functional to the Charlotte Rehabilitation Hospital.

Sunrise Medical recruited Tom to manage the custom seating, adult tilt in space, and pediatric wheelchair lines. Tom then took the opportunity to manage Sunrise’s longterm care bed and support surfaces business in order to broaden his healthcare experience. Tom returned to the rehab technology side of the business and was promoted to Vice President where his scope widened to include oversight of Sunrise’s seating product lines globally. Tom’s experience in developing seating products for pressure ulcer prevention led to an interest in wound care. He has founded WoundZoom, Inc. in order to develop products that can have a positive impact in wound care. In his spare time he has developed a taste for the culinary arts and is known to be an excellent cook. Tom exercises his presidential charisma by frequently hosting dinner parties in his home.



Sarah Zenker joins Wound Zoom, Inc. as the Director of Business Development with over 10 years’ experience in health care and sales, and applying a strong expertise in development, implementing marketing plans and increasing revenue & profit.

Prior to joining Wound Zoom, Sarah was a Program Director with Healogics, Inc., where she led clinicians and physicians in a Wound Care Center in Tennessee alongside managing the Center’s business. She was involved in the development of the program which ultimately expanded, giving opportunity to move to a newly constructed suite in the medical office building.

Previous to this, Sarah held various positions as Director of Marketing & Admissions and Account Manager with other health care companies. Sarah Zenker holds a Bachelor Degree from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.



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Jeff Shugarman has joined the Wound Zoom team with a wealth of sales, customer service and entrepreneurial experience in and out of the health care field. Straight out of college and for the next twenty-two years he was president of one of the fastest growing regional DME/Rehab companies, Shugarman Surgical Supplies. The company started with 12 employees and 250,000 dollars in annual sales and grew to encompass 4 different locations, 124 employees and over 6 million dollars in sales under Jeff’s direction. Jeff instilled a can-do customer service attitude within the company and a philosophy to create the products that were needed in the rehab field but not available. After 22 years Shugarman Surgical Supplies was sold. In the years prior to selling the company Jeff developed an interest in soccer and while trying to develop a local indoor soccer team for youth, he created an indoor facility so that teams could continue to play year-round in the cold Ohio winters. That company, the Maumee Soccer Center, still exists today and serves over 500 youth soccer teams annually.



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James DiGiacomo has had an interest in technology for well over a decade. A jack-of-all-trades with computing, James has experience in web development, network administration, hardware testing, software development, and IT consulting.




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Caitlin Whelan handles a myriad of tasks here in the Wound Zoom office from our clerical and administrative duties, to marketing and order management.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History from the University of Colorado-Denver, but has been working as an administrative supervisor, customer service specialist, and purchasing agent for the past five years.  Caitlin can be found at most of our events and serves as the voice of Wound Zoom on all social media outlets.    

Edward (Qian) Dong, Vice President, R&D, Quality Management, Global FabTech, Inc. (GFT)


Edward Dong received his Masters Degree in the Dept. of Automation at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 1999. Since then, he has been involved in developing electronic components for various industries. After working for Global FabTech Shanghai, Inc. as an R&D department manager for several years he rose in the ranks and was promoted to Vice President of R&D and Quality Management in 2005. Some of his most notable projects include several powered wheelchairs for Sunrise Medical. Edward’s aptitude for managing the development of medical electronics makes Global FabTech an exciting addition to the Wound Zoom development team.