WoundZoom.com Website Upgraded

Surveys, Win A WoundZoom! contest, User registration and more coming soon


The WoundZoom web development team has been hard at work for months on a new, upgraded version of WoundZoom.com. The inspiration for the website was from the team's experience at the Clinical Symposium on Advances in Skin and Wound Care. Leaving the symposium, the WoundZoom team knew they wanted to keep in touch with the needs of the wound care community.


We are excited to announce the launch of our Win a WoundZoom! contest. By registering for the website you will receive access to future restricted content (discount pricing, product manuals, videos, survey results, etc.) and you will also be entered in our contest to win one of the first commercially available WoundZoom units!


In addition to providing information about the product and the company the website serves as a space where wound care professionals can interact with each other discussing important topics. In the near future a WoundZoom forum will be introduced where users can connect on general and WoundZoom related subjects. For the time being, please participate in our current survey on wound care practices. We will be publishing and sharing the results of these surveys with our registered users.


For more information about the WoundZoom please visit our device FAQ page.


If you or your facility needs more information about the Wound Zoom or would like a private demonstration of the device please leave your contact information here.