Letter from the President

Have you ever heard the expression, “too busy cutting trees to sharpen the saw”? For the past few months, as we have prepared to launch Wound Zoom, this has been my feeling. With that said, I wanted to take a moment and update everyone that has followed our progress. You might remember from my last update that we had made the difficult decision to update our processor following an end of life announcement from the manufacturer for the original processor. The impact of that decision was what now looks like a 5-month delay for our first production run.   I am happy to say that the software and hardware have been updated. In fact, the delay allowed us to improve the system substantially and incorporate a lot of feedback from you. As you have seen from other posts, we did in fact introduce the new and improved Wound Zoom at SAWC spring. We are now in the process of completing our validation testing at Intertek, which is globally recognized as a trusted independent test lab and certifying body for medical devices. This activity is on schedule and we are preparing for our first production run in June.   I want to thank all our supporters who have be so understanding as we go through the necessary processes to assure we have the highest quality device. I especially want to thank the clinicians and organizations that expressed their belief in what we are trying to accomplish by issuing PO’s now, so that they guarantee delivery from our first production run. We look forward to Wound Zoom having a positive impact on your wound care practice.   Thanks Tom Whelan