WoundZoom 2.0 Released

I would like to take this opportunity to formally announce the release of WoundZoom 2.0. This upgrade affects all aspects of the WoundZoom system. We want to thank all the early adopters that provided great feedback on potential improvements. We are dedicated to having the voice of the customer drive development.


First let’s start with the hardware. We have upgraded the camera module to 5.0 megapixels, that’s almost twice the resolution of our previous model. The switches and cover have been changed to a more tactile material improving both their feel and operation. We have strengthen the case and added internal structural upgrades making WoundZoom 2.0 even more robust.


The biggest change is to the application on the device itself. We have developed an Android based operating system to replace the previous Linux system, allowing us to vastly improve the graphic user interface. This includes a much more responsive touch screen and significantly easier to use keyboard. We have also added a standardized set of fields that can be used to describe the wound. This includes adding user definable fields that allow you to customize the system for you needs. With this database added to our camera and measurement functions you are now able to create a complete wound care record.


We have also upgraded the Analytics companion software. The Sync function has been improved and the home screen now gives you all the critical information you need to see the condition of the device and the database. The new tab driven layout makes finding the right patient information and diving in to the records much easier. The administrative tools allow you to completely customize all the pull down lists in the database. This means you can adapt the system to your needs and create a standardized documentation system that just right for your practice and setting.


With all of these improvements, we haven’t lost sight of or mission to provide the easiest to use and most cost effective system for creating and sharing proper wound care documentation. As we promised, all of these software improvements are available as a free upgrade.





Thomas J Whelan