Wound Zoom 2.0 Released

I would like to take this opportunity to formally announce the release of Wound Zoom 2.0. This upgrade affects all aspects of the Wound Zoom system. We want to thank all the early adopters that provided great feedback on potential improvements. We are dedicated to having the voice of the customer drive development.


First let’s start with the hardware. We have upgraded the camera module to 5.0 megapixels, that’s almost twice the resolution of our previous model. The switches and cover have been changed to a more tactile material improving both their feel and operation. We have strengthen the case and added internal structural upgrades making Wound Zoom 2.0 even more robust.


The biggest change is to the application on the device itself. We have developed an Android based operating system to replace the previous Linux system, allowing us to vastly improve the graphic user interface. This includes a much more responsive touch screen and significantly easier to use keyboard. We have also added a standardized set of fields that can be used to describe the wound. This includes adding user definable fields that allow you to customize the system for you needs. With this database added to our camera and measurement functions you are now able to create a complete wound care record.


We have also upgraded the Analytics companion software. The Sync function has been improved and the home screen now gives you all the critical information you need to see the condition of the device and the database. The new tab driven layout makes finding the right patient information and diving in to the records much easier. The administrative tools allow you to completely customize all the pull down lists in the database. This means you can adapt the system to your needs and create a standardized documentation system that just right for your practice and setting.


With all of these improvements, we haven’t lost sight of or mission to provide the easiest to use and most cost effective system for creating and sharing proper wound care documentation. As we promised, all of these software improvements are available as a free upgrade.





Thomas J Whelan


Press Release Available

Wound Zoom has big news! We will be relocating to Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Wound Zoom is steadily growing and is looking forward to our new home. The full press release has been pasted below. A digital copy may also be found here: http://www.woundzoom.com/docs/press_release_2013_06_16_National_PB_Edit.pdf





16 June 2013, Stevens Point, Wisconsin


Colorado-based wound care company, WoundZoom, Inc., will be relocating to Stevens Point, bringing medical device innovation to Central Wisconsin.


Wound Zoom, a company dedicated to using technology to standardize wound measurement techniques to enhance patient outcomes, has found a business-friendly environment dedicated to support their long-term growth.


They have received private investment, along with support from State and local government to relocate their business and to support their commitment to technological innovation and overall growth strategies.


Their flagship product, the Wound Zoom, is a hand-held device similar to a digital camera or smart phone. The main components are a camera module and four angled lasers working together with mathematical algorithms that can provide accurate measurements.


With the patient population in the 20 billion dollar wound care market set to double in the next decade, WoundZoom is poised for long-term, sustainable growth.


Tom Whelan, president of WoundZoom, Inc., is signing and finalizing agreements today. The company has already begun the relocation process and is excited for the change. They anticipate growing out of their allocated work facility in just a few months.




WoundZoom, Inc. was founded with the mission to provide better tools for wound care clinicians in an effort to elevate patient outcomes and lower costs.


We are committed to making intuitive, affordable technologies to assist the wound care clinician in their day-to-day tasks; making their lives and the lives of their patients better.


We support quality research and education that empowers the wound care community, and are dedicated to better understand their clinical needs in order to develop and provide products that have a positive impact on wound care outcomes.
Currently, WoundZoom, Inc. has one device in use in the wound care market. The “Wound Zoom” is a handheld digital documentation and measurement system that can accurately measure wounds in under a minute, providing accurate readings and a fraction of the cost of similar units. Visit our website to learn more or to purchase:





Kelsey Whelan
Marketing Director
WoundZoom, Inc.
2121 Summitview Drive
Longmont, CO 80504


T: 1.888.237.0546
F: 1.888.329.1896


Wound Zoom Exhibits at SAWC Spring 2013

Wound Zoom recently exhibited at The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care in Denver, Colorado from May 1st through May 5th.


We introduced the next version of Wound Zoom with it's upgraded user interface, including an improved keyboard, higher resolution camera, more thorough wound documentation options among other features that are coming with our conversion to and Android operating system. The response was fantastic just as it was during our original debut at SAWC 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. We heard your comments and feedback and implemented it into Wound Zoom.



While in Denver for The Symposium we also had the pleasure of being one of the sponsors for the first Bates-Jensen Wound Reach Foundation OUCH! race. The race took place early Friday morning in Confluence Park on the lovely Platte River and the turn-out was phenomenal. It was so great to see so many people doing something healthy to start their day and supporting a wonderful cause. Please visit their website at www.woundreach.org, to learn more about the cause and to get in touch with someone if you would like to host a race at an upcoming conference.


If we missed you at SAWC please check back in the coming weeks for our events calendar. The next event we will be attending is the Native American Diabetes and Wound Care Conference at the La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California from June 10th to June 11th.