3D Wound Tablet

WoundZoom’s 3D Wound Tablet enables accurate 3D wound image capture while standardizing the wound measurement process which is fully integrated into our EMR system. 

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3D Wound Tablet Measure
  • Streamline your documentation process from patient intake, would assessment and measurements, wound healing progression and documentation

  • Accurate non-contact 3D wound imaging capturing length, width, depth, area and volume

  • Automated tissue classification and composition

  • Real-time assessment and treatment documentation through our clinical dashboards

  • Offline and online functionality provides flexibility with how you manage your patient recordkeeping

  • HIPAA Compliant

3D Wound Tablet Dashboards
3D Wound Tablet Rear
  • Easy and precise wound border detection and measurement process

  • 2D and 3D image capabilities

  • Durable water-resistant tablet designed for your healthcare setting