WoundZoom Web

Intuitive software 

WoundZoom Web unifies your data with web-based connectivity. Regardless of your location, you can access your data securely, from any computer with access to the internet. 

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WoundZoom Web is customizable.

We offer a complete documentation solution that can be tailored to fit your facility’s needs, with the ability to customize fields and utilize permissions to ensure consistency. 

Woundzoom web is comprehensive.

Set a standard using our automated tissue analysis, then review, revise, and report on your data using WoundZoom Web as the foundation. Gain better insight on your patients and their wounds, healing rates and care plan effectiveness.

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woundzoom web is connected. 

Finish your clinic day, knowing that your completed documentation in WoundZoom’s software, will transfer automatically to your electronic health record, for anyone involved in the patient’s care to view.